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When we have an emergency procedure, the safety lieutenant must do the following. He has to raise the alarm. He will inform the supervisor that there has been an incident. It may be that now we ring 999, and then he will use whatever equipment you have got to start to get the person out. First aider would need to be called, ready to help. The Fire Services would need to liaise with them, passing on vital information. They will then establish a safety zone. They'll tape off the area. This is to ensure that all the people don't enter this area. It preserves the area because we don't know if there is going to be an investigation by the police or by the health and safety executive. Once the incident is completed, the safety lieutenant will need to fill out various documentation of the incident. Witness statements may need to be taken. Dealing with the emergency and making sure the procedure is in place is all part of the safety lieutenant's role.